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We repair all makes & models for both import and domestic vehicles in Bellflower, CA and the surrounding areas. Our friendly and courteous technicians treat your automobile with the care it deserves. We maintain the highest standards of our profession.



At Peter’s Auto Repair, Inc., we also run a complete computer diagnostic test to make sure your car is running smoothly. Our trained technicians will use the latest technology to find any electrical shorts, broken wires, poor connections, battery drain concerns and much more. We can also replace your battery.


At Peter’s Auto Repair, Inc., we also offer air conditioning service and repair. We will visually inspect hoses, lines, and seals for leaks, as well as check temperature readings and check the drive belt for damage and are fully equipped to recharge the refrigerant. 


Do you drive a manual transmission? At Peter’s Auto Repair, Inc., we specialize in clutch repair and installation. Our experienced technicians can determine your clutch problem and then repair or replace the needed component.


Annual inspections and proper maintenance of your brake systems are important to ensure your safety and to avoid costly failures. The experienced technicians at Peter’s Auto Repair, Inc. will exam your entire brake system including pads, hoses and lines, and the anti-lock system. If any issues are uncovered, we are fully equipped to repair your brake system.


Peter’s Auto Repair, Inc. offers exceptional services in the Bellflower, CA. We know transmissions. Let our experienced staff help diagnose your transmission issue. If a repair is needed we are fully equipped to fix all of your transmission problems. Whether it’s rebuilding your transmission or getting a replacement.


If your radiator isn’t working properly your engine can get heated quickly. At Peter’s Auto Repair, Inc., we specialize in Engine Cooling Repairs. We can replace or install a new radiator, cooling fans, water pump and much more.


Engines work better when they're clean, but cleaning an engine is not the same as cleaning the rest of your car. With the right procedure, you can keep your engine in tip-top shape. As well as, help detect oil leaks. Let the experienced, professional team at Peter’s Auto Repair, Inc. clean your engine properly with their engine wash service.


Peter’s Auto Repair, Inc., also provides valve job services on vehicles for both foreign and domestic. We can rebuild your cylinder head to save you money! We offer affordable quality service in Bellflower, CA.


Don’t see what you are looking for on our services list? We offer many more services not listed above. Call us today at 562-804-9992 to see how we can help you!

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